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This Website is dedicated to the Memories of Addison Brown 1922-2000 of Portland OR & to preserve & continue his Pioneering Research in Reincarnation + Resurrecting the Dead

Human Understood Reincarnation or

Resurrecting the Dead Project

Video of Addison Brown and Alan K Wu in 1994

Press release : Addison Brown, founder of Human Understood Reincarntion and Resurrecting the Dead Project, passed away January 2000. We are mourning his demise. loading, please wait...

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Introduction and Fantasy stuff

Electronics, Computers, Interplanetary Explorations, DNA RNA Genetics research, Radar and automata Theory, plus Ancient Predictions and Visions by Prophets and Seers, together with thousands of years of Astrological Statistical Data Base, from Hindu to Oriental Astrology, have led to the Theories of Human Understood Reincarnation / Resurrecting the Dead, (Spontaneous cases of which occurs 3 cases / 100,000 births approximately !! ) which is the subject of this Home Page.

Sample Provisional Definitions (Science fiction stuff)

God is the Gravitational and electromagnetci field in which the Universe is situated. Prophets or seerers look into the future and fortell Events as fortold by God by resonating to the time tunnel or vibration in the Earth's Electromagnetic field, as modulated by the planets and the Sun. The Human body is made up of C, N, H, NH4 groups, sugar, carbohydrates, DNA, RNA, CHromosomes, Glonoids, Glands, etc which ACT AS Transistors, IC, (Integrated circuits, Resistors, capacitors, which renders the body to act and respond as a Transponder, Broadcasting Human Radar and Computer. The brain broadcast out 'life force ' or human bio life cycle waves which is reflected by the Van Allen's Belt as (it in turn) is induced and / or modulated by the planets. The action taken by a Human Being, as an entity in Nature, just as Oysters open their shells in respond to the Moon 's gravitational waves at just the right time in their circadian rhythm or cycle, (see experiments conducted in Illinois as described in the book called Recent Advances in Natal Astrology), actions and decision taken BASED ON OUR INTLLECTUAL OR EMOTIONAL JUDGEMENT is liable to be affected by these astro or Universal Life forces. In more evolved animals or mammals such as Homo Sapiens, these unexplained phenonmena , as literally perceived by the Brain, as ICONS, or Egyptian Hyroglyphics, without Conscious Knowledge of what it is about, but only a glimmer of intuition as in the Book of Daniels and Apocalypse in the King James Bible (as opposed to the Koran or Baga va Gita in Himdu and Moslem Religion ) is what the Prophets managed to forsee and fortell as being Signals or Visions from God. Further, due to Destructive and Constructive Interference as in ordinary Sound and Wave Theory, planets interact in such a way that only certian angles are significant in terms of their reinforcing or dampening / hampering our visions or 'sight', as in somedays you are just darn lucky while other times a year ago you were just rolling in the mud or down and depressed, or up against some insurmountable difficulty, whether it be intellectual, physical fatigue, or just down and out in God knows where. These angles are the one refered to in Electromagnetic Planetary Engineering scientist, or traditionaly refered to as astrologers. Just as the early Alchemist, who tried thie fortune at turning Lead into Gold, in the same way and without their knowing, astrologers have been gathering a gigantic Data Base of Human Decision making and Fidelity of Information / Data as its surmised "broadcasted and reflected back to a person' as described above, just as lights form the Voyager , even though less than a foot candle strong is refelected back to Earth's Station and in terms AMPLIFIED by human instruments, in the case of people, their BRAIN.

Above Left : Pathfinder on Mars : How like Human Brainwaves, 
signal travels from Earth to Space and back again. To view these images 
place cursor on image, click on right button of mouse, then select View 
Above Center : Soul Search Duplication Program sample output. (copy right)
White line on upper right indicate level of intelligence, Natural ability 
or I.Q., Brown Line indicate adversity or challenge. Ellipse or cicular 
display in center represents the nodal interaction of 9 planets and the Sun, 
with Earth being at the center or observation point. 
Above Right : Application to Cycles on Earth including Human 
activities. Stock Market rise and fall predictions for 1995.

The discussion is too long to follow in one shot, but for those of you who are interested in the Theory as well as the mechanics of how to use this process to reproduce or duplicate the Spontaneous cases of Human Understood Reincarnation / Resurrecting the dead, refer to the following Home page

All Problems Solved !! and Many (70 years of ) strange and unusual experience...

There are also discussions on Economics and its basis in science, how to compensate for and in fact rule out the off and on 7 years Fat Cow, 7 years Lean Cow phenonmena as in the dream explained by Joseph to the Pharoah, again in the Bible (Christian i.e. the Last 2000 years or Piscean Age). For Programs and Textfiles on how to participate in this and do research on the subject (of Reincarnation and or Resurrecting the Dead, thereby fulfilling the Prophecies how in the End or Last Age (as per the Precession of the zero degrees Aries, from Pisces to the Constellation Aquarius, The file is available by clicking here.

The programs are in Alpha Testing Stage. Please report all bugs to us E-mail address at bottom of the page or use our Visitor's Log book and click on E-mail or In case of error line.

Its abut 1.2 meg and hopefully will answer some of your questions as to what the theory is, how it began, what to do with it, and when is the best time to try and duplicated the 'soul' DOS or (software as per modulation by planets firmwared in at Boot up or Power up time (birth)), and Hardware or DNA, RNA, Glands, Cells etc as explained in conscise form above. Thus like the first Spark or Flicker of Lighning or fire near a primedal cave against a dark red sky, when man first learn to start a fire, in the same way hopefully this spontaneous exchange of Ideas thru the Internet will turn into another Golden Age, Renaissance, or Enlightenment to fulfill the Ancient Prophecies of how in the Last Age the Dead Shall be Resurrected, and how those who believe in God an Truth and Apple Pie, shall hopefully finally have the key to Eternal Life.

Modern day Science and Technology has brought you this page. You can now use this knowledge to fulfill Prophecies in different religions and start Resurrecting the Dead or initiate the process of Human Understood Reincarnation (and have fun !! at the same time.) Click here to see what I mean.



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